No Limits Martial Arts Reviews

Great place, great people. They focus on teaching respect and other important life-skills in addition to teaching self-defense. The head instructor is actually giving his students one-on-one private Zoom lessons for free during the shelter-in-place rule.

Jim Bathgate

No Limits Martial Arts has been a wonderful experience for my family. My son has been provided with excellent physical fitness, martial arts training, and phenomenal charter building skills. Mr. Goodner provides personal attention to each student, not just for karate skills but also for their life skills. My son can’t wait to share school awards with the Dojo.

Even in the quarantine, No Limits Martial Arts figured out how to deliver excellent service, by providing online personal lessons. These online lessons have been a ray of sunshine in these trying times.

Justin Wass

They are a special group of individuals. They do an excellent job with the kids and it really shows. There are no limits for these kids and they will find success in their lives!

Gerry Keith Pearson-Uttinger

No Limits has been awesome teaching my son not only self defense but respect and reaching goals! I have seen improvement at home less back talking and more respect towards others ! Mr.G is awesome!

Leticia Navarro

I recommend the owner and head coach Shawn Goodner. Shawn was an Amazing Muay Thai fighter, and has a great grappling style. I’ve seen him coach kids and adults alike. He was also a great acrobat which takes conditioning and knowing how to use your core as well as a stunt man for many years.

He knows his crafts and has developed them, being able to translate his personal experiences into teaching others. I don’t think you could get a better coach!!!

Meylin Werline

I have an 8yr old and 4yr old. They both benefited both physically and mentally. In particular, I was impressed that Mr. Goodner would "spin off" one of his assistants during class instruction to give individual training when deemed needed. That showed us an interest in all students advancing. I would recommend No Limits Martial Arts.

Tod Redick

This has been so good for my grandson. He is learning self control, discipline, self respect, and strong moral values such as courtesy, respecting others, and being responsible.

Matthew Achenbach

what a great place to learn respect, discipline, and integrity. I highly recommend No Limits!

Ashley Hogan

100% recommend this program. I have a son who is pretty quiet & shy and have seen major improvements in his confidence since starting karate! He has learned respect and focus and has fun! Mr. G is amazing and works with all types of personalities and has a perfect balance of fun, learning & discipline 💙

Addie Devine

I am a student at no limits and like basically everything about it. I like how they don’t just focus on one thing they teach you things such as self defense sparring grappling and weapons

Ivan Putin

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